the alex saga

The Alex Winger Saga

Episode IV
A Glimmer of Hope

Several years after the Rebel
Alliance defeated Darth Vader and the
Emperor at the Battle of Endor, many systems are
still trying to shake the remnants of Imperial rule. On the
Core World of Garos IV, the Empire is still very much in control…
and the Rebellion is still very much alive.

Grand Admiral Thrawn
— recently returned from the Unknown Regions —
has taken command of the remains of the
Imperial fleet. Obsessed with the destruction
of the New Republic, Thrawn has begun developing an
efficient cloaking device in order to put his evil plans into action.
However, a certain ore is needed to create the cloaking device… an ore
which Garos IV possesses in abundance.

On Garos IV,
the local Rebel cell has worked
diligently to disrupt the flow of ore to the
Imperials. Unfortunately, their efforts of late have made
little impact and the fear that the rebellion on Garos IV is doomed
is spreading throughout the ranks. Unbeknownst to the Rebels,
Alex Winger is Garos IV’s only hope…*

May the Force Be With Us All


* thanks to Mike Beidler for the
Alex version of the Star Wars crawl.


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