Posted by: alexwinger | December 24, 2009

Splash for Shades of Gray

I thought you might be interested in the proposal I pitched to Pablo & Publishing at LFL:

“Shades of Gray” takes place about two years after “Betrayal by Knight” during the Jedi Academy trilogy days. Alex Winger is assigned to a New Republic special forces unit and works as an undercover operative and X-wing pilot. She is a well-respected member of her unit but her encounter with the dark side has had a profound affect on her life. The lightsaber scar she carries brings both physical and emotional pain. Will these wounds interfere with her work? In “Shades of Gray”, Alex faces interrogation, intimidation, and self doubt. She must escape from an Imperial prison and from the stranglehold that the spectre of the dark Jedi holds over her. During this journey, she learns her adoptive father’s fate, reunites with an old friend from Garos IV, discovers the secrets of the world she is a prisoner on and where the Imperials are establishing a new industrial base, and overcomes the fear that has kept her from seeking training in the ways of the Force.

The story will answer the question “how did Alex get those robo-fingers mentioned by Zahn in Vision of the Future” and implies that she will attend the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4.


  1. Hello, Ms. Newcomb.
    I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and have been reading through the chronology, using Nathan P. Butler’s “Star Wars Timeline – Gold” (at ) for reference. (To keep things simple, I condense his work down to just the references, and only refer directly to the original document itself, when a particular story proves difficult to find.)
    Anyway, I was wondering if there might be a chance of any more Alex Winger stories in the future, either continuing from “Shades of Gray”, possibly going into some more of her backstory, or even just filling in some of the otherwise “untold” blank spaces between earlier stories? Alex is one of my favorite EU characters, and I’m truly amazed that you’ve managed to develop her character so deeply, in as few stories as you have. I suspect I speak for many other fans when I say that I hope to read more of her adventures in the future!

    • Thanks for your kind words! It’s great to hear that you’ve enjoyed the Alex stories. I do have rough drafts for two more stories. One takes place immediately after Betrayal by Knight during the New Republic invasion of Garos IV; the other is a future fic after Alex has completed her Jedi training and is set 3-4 years after Shades of Gray. With the demise of Hyperspace I need to find out if will continue to publish original fiction online. Here’s hoping that I can continue to flesh out Alex’s adventures!

  2. Well, even if they don’t continue with original online stories, there’s always Insider (if that’s continuing, which I imagine it would).
    I also have an idea for another format, but I don’t want to put anything in a public board (blog/forum/whatever). It doesn’t involve any ideas about content, or where to take the story or anything, so it’s not like I’d be soliciting story ideas. If you’re even remotely curious, just send me a private message with an email or instant message contact, or reply here and let me know to drop my email address to ya.

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