Posted by: alexwinger | January 30, 2008

Garos IV geography

Garos IV is a world of diverse and breathtaking landscapes.

The continent Reyfej
Garos’ highest elevations are located on Reyfej in the southern hemisphere, where some of the planet’s most magnificent mountain ranges are located. The central and southern sections of the continent are pockmarked with hundreds of thousands of craters, presumably formed millions of years ago when meteorites struck the planet. The largest one, known as Simjak’s Crater, is 187 kilometers in diameter and 2250 meters at its deepest. Additionally, volcanic eruptions played a part in the Reyfej’s formation, and even today tectonic activity is widespread, with thousands of geysers and hot springs dotting the landscape.

Highest peak: Mt. Ekim, elevation 1.78 km

The continent Jencosi
Four thousand kilometers to the north across the Cabalia Sea, Garos’ only other large land mass, the continent known as Jencosi, is characterized by a mountain range extending the length of the western coastline. The mountains sweep east toward the Morcur Valley, an agricultural district spanning more than 900,000 square kilometers. The Valley produces enough foodstuffs to feed the entire population of Garos IV and its neighbor, the planet Sundari. Most recently, agricultural goods have been garnered by the Empire to supply its fleet.

Further to the east, broad plains rise slowly to an area the natives call the Highlands. This series of mountainous plateaus and sandy desert basins remain a retreat for vacationers seeking adventure in an untouched wilderness.

East of the Highlands, plateaus give way to rolling plains that wind down toward the Sea of Garos. Here, the coastline is very irregular, and along its southernmost front, it is indented by deep inlets. Small farms and isolated settlements are scattered across the region. The lowlands are crisscrossed with waterways, both natural and artificial, and dotted with lakes. People who live here tend to ignore events on the rest of the planet and prefer to be left alone.

There are three main centers of population on Garos IV: Zila, Garan, and Ariana.

Zila, located on the continent’s southcentral coast, is a resort city, known for its architecutural diversity. Garan is a bustling metropolis sitting on the edge of the fertile Morcur Valley some 40 kilometers inland from the Locura Ocean. It serves as a center of manufacturing and agriculture. The capital city Ariana, on the southwestern coast, is an intellectual and business center dominated by the prestigious University of Garos. It also serves as the main base of Imperial operations on the planet.

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