Posted by: alexwinger | January 30, 2008

Climate of Garos IV

The Northern Continent of Jencosi
Temperate climates prevail in the most densely-populated regions of Jencosi, with desert and semiarid regions in the central interior to the east of the Morcur Valley and a small area of tropical climate in the extreme southeast. In the winter, winds from the polar regions bring low temperatures to the south and west. The central Highlands are quite cold, and experience numerous snowfalls, while the east remains relatively warm. Summers are mild in the west, warm in the south and east, and hot in the southeast.

The Southern Continent of Reyfej
Reyfej is a land of extremes. Blizzards are common in its mountainous areas and peaks remain snow-covered for most of the year. Other parts of the continent are arid and hot with minimal rainfall.

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