Posted by: alexwinger | January 27, 2008

Imperial Headquarters – Ariana

Imperial HQ sits nearly a half kilometer from the Tahika Cliffs, but even from that distance it has a magnificient view of the Locura Ocean. Built on the eastern edge of an expansive city park, this 200 year old structure is like a living history datatext. The four-story building had been the home of Garos’ parliamentary-style government and was known as Foundation Hall. It now serves as the base of operations for all Imperial activity on the planet. It houses the offices of Imperial Governor Tork Winger, General Andreig Zakar, the Supreme Military Commander of Garos IV, and their staffs. However, its halls still resonate with the very lifeblood of the people who were part of the planet’s past.

A mural on the marbelite ceiling just inside the entrance depicts the signing of the “Great Treaty”, the document that established Garos’ first government nearly 4,000 years ago. Fifty men and women attended that auspicious event. Though their painted faces are mere representations, each one displays an emotional intensity so great, it is impossible not to feel that you are sharing their pride.

Entry Rotunda
The entry rotunda of the headquarters is extraordinary. One of the earliest prime ministers, Kaib Garos, great-great grandson of the original refugees’ leader, had a penchant for acquiring ancient weapons of war. His collection is displayed here—antique blasters of every size and description cover the wood-paneled walls, and criss-crossed swords form borders around the doorways that lead into the north and south wings of the building.

It was in this very rotunda some 96 years ago, that a sentry became Ariana’s first casualty in the Garosian Civil War. A stray bullet killed the young soldier. To honor his memory and the memories of all those who died during the conflict, a monument was erected on the boulevard just north of the building. Its eternal flame was extinguished by the Empire on three occasions. Each time unusual things occurred in the building, including the unexplained deaths of two Imperial officers.

Portraits of Garos’ rulers, from the earliest times to the present, line the hallways. Some were wise leaders, like Edern Teles who laid the groundwork for Rindom Medical Center and its network of regional facilities planetwide. Others, like Tigol Fassel, did nothing but fill their own coffers at the expense of the local populace.

Today, leadership of this world lies with Imperial Governor Tork Winger, a native of Garos. Winger possesses a sincerity and charm that is practically unheard of in the late Emperor’s appointees. Indeed, he has been the voice of moderation. His influence in the Empire’s operations on his homeworld has been undeniable.

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