Posted by: alexwinger | January 27, 2008


Located approximately 10 kilometers from the southwestern tip of Garos IV’s northern continent, Ariana sits perched along the Tahika Cliffs, one of Garos’ most gorgeous natural geological features. Encompassing some 545 square kilometers, the city fans out in a semi-circular pattern centered on the University of Garos. Beneath the city, a honeycomb of naturally-formed tunnel systems crisscrosses the entire area.

Ariana has a population of 3.5 million. Settled by colonists early in Garos’ history, it began its life as an educational haven, a city devoted to the pursuit of scholarly activities. The seat of government was established here shortly after the founding of the university.


  1. […] There are three main centers of population on Garos IV: Zila, Garan, and Ariana. […]

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