Posted by: alexwinger | December 8, 2007

tork winger

My adoptive father was born in Ariana on Garos IV, 60BBY. He is the son of the late Davodan and Radelia Winger.

Tork’s brothers were all military men who died while serving the Old Republic:

Parc, 61BBY-29BBY

Jad, 58 BBY-30BBY
Daine, 57BBY-15BBY
Braithe, 55BBY-27BBY

Military career

  • graduate of the Academy at Carida
  • spent 5 years in the Army, resigned his commission (as a Lieutenant) then returned to Garos IV

Alex’s note: I am not sure what posts my father was assigned to. Funny, it was one of the few topics we never discussed …

Political career

  • entered politics at the age of *28
  • served as Assistant to the Minister of Commerce
  • by the age of 37, appointed to serve as Assistant Minister of Commerce
  • negotiated with Sundari rebels to end the Garosian Civil War
  • appointed Imperial Governor by the Emperor Palpatine 5BBY

Married Sallie Lontie 20BBY

  • adopted Alex 5BBY

*Alex’s note: I am not certain about some of the dates or my father’s age when he attained certain positions with the Garosian goverment. I believe my ‘guesses’ are close. I suppose I could easily access this information through archives maintained at the University but my work with the Underground keeps me very busy.


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