Posted by: alexwinger | November 27, 2007

the resistance on garos iv

From Alex’s diary:

These are dark times …
Though the Emperor is dead, there are rumors of a Grand Admiral reuniting the remnants of his fleet. I cannot explain the overwhelming sense of forboding that invades my thoughts. It is like a huge blackness, like a rift in the fabric of space, a black hole — sucking light, even life itself, from everyone and everything.

I was 15 years old when the Emperor died. But the Empire did not die on Garos IV. It grew stronger here.

There seems to be little hope that the New Republic has the resources to help my homeworld. Garosians must send a message to the Empire: you are not welcome here! I am determined to get that point across , which is why I will join Garos’ underground freedom fighters.

It must be strange for the casual reader to understand. I have had a life that many only dream of: a beautiful home, good family, excellent education. Why have I turned my back on this? How can I fight against the Empire when my adoptive father is its ‘chief of state’ here on Garos–the Imperial Governor. Can you love someone yet be on the complete opposite of the political spectrum from them? My critics would probably say ‘no.’ But I do love Tork Winger. He is a wonderful father. He is an honorable man who loves Garos. In fact, if it weren’t for his leadership, the Imperial hold on this world would be one hundred times worse.

But… he is still the Imperial Governor. I dislike keeping this secret from him. I dread the day he learns that his daughter is considered one of the chief troublemakers for the Empire on Garos; that his daughter helped destroy Imperial supply lines, sabotaged a landing platform at the Imperial Mining Center, and freed Rebel prisoners from Imperial Headquarters.

And my worst crime–I can use my position as his daughter to spy on him and on those who may control the fate of this world.

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