Posted by: alexwinger | November 27, 2007


from the diary of Ston Riven, a miner on the planet Sundari

It is very hot here. I sent my family to live in Northlan last year. Why should they be forced to live inside our domed city when they can live on Garos and see blue skies and clouds and feel the fragrant breezes brush against their skin… 

Sundari is the third planet orbiting the star we call Gariisa in the Garos system. Our world is covered by vasts deserts and sandstorms rage across the surface.

The planet was first explored shortly after colonists settled Garos IV nearly 4,000 years ago. No one believed that this hot, arid world was suitable for settlement … there was plenty of decent, arable land on Garos … why bother with Sundari. So those first explorers just mapped out the terrain. They looked for some unusual vacation destinations that would interest the truly adventuresome spirit.

But then, in the mountains just to the west of the desert region we call Bergsta, they discovered an abundance of raw materials that could be cheaply mined. Seeing profit in exporting, the Sundar Corporation was born.

Sundari’s first settlement–the domed city of Bergsta–consisted of two thousand miners and their families. Operations expanded and thousands of Garosians migrated to the planet. Within five years, our small colony had grown to 40,000.

Many companies came and went over the millennia. Today, six companies maintain mining operations here.

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