Posted by: alexwinger | November 27, 2007


Reyfej is the largest landmass in Garos’ southern hemisphere where some of the planet’s most magnificient mountain ranges are located. The central and southern sections of the continent are pockmarked with hundreds of thousands of craters. The largest one, known as Simjak’s Crater, is 187 kilometers in diameter and 2250 meters at its deepest. Volcanic eruptions played a part in the Reyfej’s formation and even today tectonic activity is widespread. Geysers and hot springs dotting the landscape.

There are no permanent settlements on Reyfej though evidence exists that it was home to a humanoid life form some 40,000 years ago. That civilization was destroyed by cataclysmic earthquakes.

Archaeologists are studying the remains of a ship that crashed near the northern coastline. Much of it remains buried beneath thousands of meters of volcanic debris.

Dr. Brumic Kebeid, senior archaeologist on the dig, has described these ancient space-farers. They remind Kebeid of reports of the Ssi-Ruuk who attacked Bakura only a few year ago. That had been the first reported contact with the species — and the ship that crashed on Garos is well over 25,000 years old. What could this mean …

They are large creatures, these “dragonbirds,” about 2 meters tall. They have short muscular arms and 3 claws on each hand. A long beak gives them a bird-like appearance but they have extremely sharp teeth. And they also have a powerful tail that is about a meter in length.

I do not believe they were capable of human speech. Research indicates that their vocabulary consisted of bird-like whistles and sounds.

Did the Ssi-Ruuk intrude so far–and so long ago–into the Galactic Empire?

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