Posted by: alexwinger | November 27, 2007


Hanrich’s Import Export Emporium

My name is Viir Hanrich. My wife, Elisae, and I own a little trading company in the city of Garan. Well, I suppose I can’t call it little any longer … our store occupies the entire first floor of the Dleyjill building along the river. Quite grand when compared to our beginnings in a one room flat.

Of course, you probably aren’t interested in the store–though I must tell you, if you are looking for the rare, the exotic, the hard-to-find gift, Hanrich’s is the place to shop. If we don’t have it, we will find it! Many famous Garosians have shopped in my store–the Imperial Governor himself; even his daughter, that beautiful young woman named Alexandra. (Did you know that she has an interest in old holocomics? I was absolutely astounded the day she came into my store–she must’ve been 14 or 15 at the time–and asked if I had any original Legends of the Clone Wars! She knew the exact issue that contained a reference to–

I’m sorry … forgive me for rambling.
You are here to learn about the Rebel Underground, aren’t you?

There are 5 people in my cell. Elisae is one. The other 3 are ordinary people–a businessman, a factory worker, a speeder repair technician. One of those three–and I don’t dare try to think about which one–is our contact with the Underground Headquarters in Ariana. Funny, I have never been there myself. I don’t even know where it is located!

In case you’re wondering how I got into this line of work–with the Rebellion that is–it was Magir Paca, one of the freedom fighter’s leaders, who came to me one day (we are old friends from our days at the University) and asked me to be a courier. I had been watching the Empire on Garos for several years; I was appalled at its treatment of my people, appalled at its strong-arm tactics. I worked regularly with traders from off-world … I heard the stories of the Empire’s atrocities. I was more than willing to help Paca.

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