Posted by: alexwinger | November 27, 2007

alex in the sw timeline

Here is a timeline I created years ago to try to keep my own storylines straight. I’m not sure I have all the ‘dates’ right but it’s close. This timeline includes other stories I wrote, including a couple of unpublished ones, interspersed with the movies and published novels.

Timeline (bold titles written by me; italics are a few significant events in Alex’s life)
* Alex stories
+ Alex cameo

19BBY Luke and Leia born
Alex born on Carida


Empire establishes an official presence on Garos IV
Alex arrives on Garos IV (age 6)
Turning Point (SWAJ 2/95)


+Passages (SWAJ 8/95)


Star Wars : A New Hope (Alex=11)
A Certain Point of View
(SWAJ 11/95)
Crimson Bounty (w/Rich Handey) (SWAJ 8/97)


[The Contact] (w/Rich Handley – unpubl.)
The Empire Strikes Back

4ABY Return of the Jedi
5ABY The Truce at Bakura

Alex officially joins the underground (age 16)

6ABY Keriin Haslip (Dair’s grandma) dies

*A Glimmer of Hope (SWAJ 2/94) (Alex=age 18)
The Courtship of Princess Leia
*Whispers in the Dark (SWAJ 5/94) (Alex=age 19)
*Mission to Zila (SWAJ 8/94)


Heir to the Empire
Dark Force Rising
*Shadows of Darkness (SWAJ 11/94) (Alex=age 20)
The Last Command


*Rendezvous with Destiny (SWAJ 5/95) (Alex=age 20-almost 21)


Dark Empire I & II & Empire’s End
*Betrayal by Knight (SWAJ 2/97 w/Patricia Jackson) (Alex=almost 21)
*[Faces of the Enemy] (unpub.)


Jedi Academy Trilogy


*Shades of Gray – (published on Star Wars Hyperspace Dec. 2009)


+The Hand of Thrawn: Visions of the Future–Capt. Alex Winger, p.284-285

SWAJ = the Star Wars Adventure Journal

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