Posted by: alexwinger | November 27, 2007

about garos iv

Facts about Garos IV

Population: 24 million Garosians, 4 million Sundars
Temperature: temperate
Starports: 2 standard class
Moons: 2
Government: Imperial governor
Capital city: Ariana
Highest peak: Mt. Ekim, elevation 1.78km on the continent of Reyfej

I want to tell you about a few of my
favorite places on my adopted homeworld. Why? Well, not just because they may be interesting spots to visit but because they have certain affiliations with the Rebel underground here on Garos.* –from Alex’s diary

Points of Interest in Ariana

  • The Tahika Cliffs
  • Imperial Headquarters
  • Chado’s Pub
  • The Governor’s Mansion
  • The Imperial Mining Center
  • The University of Garos
  • Rindom Medical Center
  • The Spaceport

Points of Interest in Garan

Points of Interest in Zila

  • The Waterfront
  • The Cabalia Inn
  • Imperial Headquarters, Southern Sector
  • Gibmik’s Harbor Holophotography Studio
  • The Children’s Academy

*author’s note: a few of these locations are mentioned in the Alex series; others were created as part of a sourcebook for WEG that never got published.


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